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Terms KIDS FASHION online store

Shop   FASHION KIDS, available at , is operated by "Markus" Marek Grabowski. The company is located in Łódź, ul. Dabrowski 247/249. We are registered under VAT number: 7281215195 , Identification Number: 101331552

Terms and Conditions

1 Shop KIDS FASHION sells via the Internet. Orders are accepted only through the website .

2 The products offered in the store FASHION KIDS are brand new and free from defects in natural and legal persons, and have been legally introduced into the Polish market.

3 All prices on the website  FASHION KIDS are gross. Binding on the parties to the transaction is the price shown on the product at the time of purchase by the customer.

4 For each product sold shall issue a receipt store.

5 Ordered goods are delivered by mail or courier Polish. The buyer is charged for delivery specified in the delivery price list.

6 One of the following forms of payment:

- Wire Transfer. Once you have reserved the ordered goods in our online shop, send an e-mail with a bank account. Immediately after posting the sum from the account of our company execute order.

- Cash - the personal receipt of the goods.

7 A customer who chose the transfer payment options are required to pay for your order within 7 working days from the date of order confirmation sent. Otherwise, the order will be removed. It is possible to extend the deadline for payment of the Prior Informed Store. Shipments paid by bank transfer is carried out after noting the relevant deposit in a bank account online Shop.

8 Note! At the time of receiving the order Store not guarantee its completion. Payment will be made ​​upon receipt of the confirmation mail the actual implementation of the ordered items. 

9 Shipments are delivered by Polish (5 - 10 working days from the date of dispatch). TRENDY KIDS Shop is not responsible for delays in delivery due to non-fulfillment by the Polish post office or courier service transport agreements .
If you select shipping - email Polish - shop is not responsible for items lost in transit.
safest delivery option is the choice of courier delivery. 

10th We reserve the right to cancel orders in specific cases without explanation after informing the Employer.

11th We reserve the right to cancel within 10 days of the order by the Customer. In the absence of contact with the client and / or NOT getting payment for the purchased goods or for other reasons.

12th If the notification of non-conformity will be made within 10 days from the date of purchase, the Customer is entitled to a replacement of such product on an expedited basis. The expedited procedure applies only to a specific group of products. Where non-compliance is found, and advertised merchandise is available, new goods will be sent within a few days after the delivery of goods contrary to the store. If this is not possible store will offer the buyer return the equivalent price of the product or propose other merchandise available in the shop with similar characteristics.

13th In each of these cases, the execution of customer demands associated with the delivery of a new or repaired goods, the cost of delivery to the customer shall store.

14th According to the Act of 2 March 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products (Journal of Laws No. 22, item. 271) Art. 7, within 10 days of delivery of the ordered goods, the consumer is entitled to return without giving reasons in the withdrawal, according to the general rules laid down in the provisions on distance contracts. In the event of withdrawal, the contract is deemed void and the consumer is released from any obligations. Returned in this mode, the goods will be accepted only if it is returned unchanged. This means that the goods must be in original packaging, with complete contents and the product itself is not damaged. It is permissible to open the package to see the goods, but the goods can not be used. If you want to exercise a right of return above, the goods must be returned at your own expense to:

"Markus" Marek Grabowski
st. Dabrowski 247/249
93-231 Lodz

For the return shipment must be accompanied by a confirmation of purchase, a written statement of withdrawal from the contract and account number to which the store has a return payment. Store within 14 working days shall examine the product. If the product meets the above. requirements, will be billed healing. The original and a copy is sent to the customer by registered mail. The customer must send a signed copy of the bill amending and once we receive it within 7 working days, store refunds the money to the customer.

15th Guarantee and the right of withdrawal does not apply when the product is affected by external mechanical origin. Therefore, before accepting a package from the post office to check whether the packaging is not damaged in transit. In particular, pay attention to the status of tape affixed to the consignment. If the shipping container is damaged or the seals (tapes) are broken should not accept shipments and the presence of the courier prepare a damage report and contact the seller as soon as possible to resolve the matter. Checking the package on delivery is a prerequisite to take account of possible claims Customer for damage to or theft in transportation.

16th The information contained on the website store FASHION KIDS
does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. The customer places an order through the mechanisms available on the websites of the store, made ​​a purchase of specific goods under the conditions specified in the product description. The moment of conclusion of the contract of sale occurs when a written acknowledgment of receipt of the goods by the customer on the freight charges.

17th Service team FASHION KIDS makes every effort to ensure that the descriptions and specifications contained in the online store of products / services were in line with reality. We are not responsible for incorrect application parameters and characteristics of a product, or a sudden change them by the manufacturer. However, in any case, the data (including descriptions and specifications) is presented on the website of the shop at the time of the consumer's order does not coincide with reality, within 10 days from the date of purchase, he has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason accordance with the provisions of withdrawal from a distance contract.


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