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Terms of purchase

Basic information about the conditions of purchase in the Online Store FASHION KIDS :

1 ) log in to our website

2 ) Offer watching the store , and if you decide on some thing to throw it to the basket

3 ) select delivery and payment terms

There is the possibility of personal receipt of the ordered goods ( after fixing the date of receipt) at:

" MARKUS " Marek Grabowski
ul. Dabrowski 247/249
93-231 Lodz
(entrance from ul. Ice 99 or 99a )

4 ) upon confirmation of the order you will get an email with information about the " complex order "

NOTE: at this stage of the contract , do not make payments , because the store at the time of the contract does not guarantee its full implementation.

5) receive a second email confirming the actual implementation of the ordered articles. In the mail state the account number and bank details .
On this basis, make a payment in the amount specified in the " order details ",
transfer title and enter the order number.

6 ) after receipt by the Bank to pay for custom shop reserves the term of the contract up to 7 business days excluding products on special order, the deadline for completion is determined case by case basis .
Goods sent the Polish Post or courier " Seven " .

7) after posting Shop send an email with the information to send the requested article , along with the number of courier waybill .
It is important to remember to include a contact number , because it is necessary for the proper delivery of the shipment by courier service

within 10 days of delivery of the ordered goods , the consumer is entitled to return without giving reasons within the withdrawal, according to the general principles resulting from the provisions on distance contracts . Returned in this mode, the goods will be accepted only if it is returned unchanged. This means that the merchandise must be in original , undamaged packaging , with complete contents and the product will not be damaged. It is permissible to open the package to see the goods , but goods can not be used .

9 ) For details about the complaint and return the goods , you can read the " Terms and Conditions "

If you have any questions we can help :

* Customer Service - Tel: +48 501 527 012+48 501 527 012
* E-mail address -

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